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Let’s focus on your technique!

AdventHealth Center Ice’s Group Classes are great for those who are looking to work on their skating techniques. We offer several group classes that focus on specific skills and fundamentals. Depending on what you are looking to improve on, we have class for you! Keep scrolling to view the different classes we offer!


 Please see our figure skating ice schedule for times and skill levels.


The emphasis of this class is to develop a flow of edges to move effortlessly across the ice. Components of the class include deep edges, turns, and figure skating moves. Skaters will work on the development of proper body alignment and blade usage, leading to more secure edges and stronger, more efficient generation of power on different types of steps, turns, and strokes. The end goal is greater speed and stability across the ice. Creative and innovative edges and steps and turns are taught, which will evolve into step sequences that can be used in competitive programs.

Cardio Power

This conditioning class of edges, power drills, turns, footwork combinations has a great emphasis on the development of power and quality of movement. Length of strokes are in direct relation to the amount of power a skater is able to develop, and quickness is the actual foot speed of the strokes. Using both of these concepts, along with correct body alignment and lean to create maximum power, skaters will develop more difficult elements at a much faster rate, while improving basic skating skills. Class is taught on full ice set to music and is a continuous 30-minute aerobic workout on ice, pushing the skaters to their limits of endurance.


So You Think You Can Skate! A fun and enjoyable class to expand a skater’s knowledge of new elements. For example, Spread Eagles, Hydro Blades, Illusions, and more.


The focus of this class is to promote the most current trends in spin technique. Skaters are offered the opportunity to focus on spin technique in a group setting. Spins will include all phases including preparation, centering, position and exit of all spins and flying spins. The class will additionally place great emphasis on all basic spin positions – upright, sit and camel along with IJS spin features and criteria for achieving these levels of difficulty increase not only the value of your spins but also to increase the quality of all spins.

Jump Technique

This class offers competitive skaters the opportunity to focus on advanced jump techniques in a group setting. It includes, but is not limited to, all four phases of jumps – preparation, take-off, air position and landing. Skaters will learn to master jump takeoffs and landings, air positions and difficult entries and exits. Covers singles, double jumps, jump combinations and more.

Introductory Moves in the Field

Skaters will learn the basic moves, eventually leading to mastery of the US Figure Skating patterns of field moves and prepare for official test sessions. This class will teach patterns that focus on edge quality, power, quickness and extension.

Coach’s Choice (rotational)

A variety of classes taught by various coaches on a rotating basis.


This class is designed to educate skaters on the basic principles and philosophy of choreography and to give them the foundation in basic body alignment, motion and line. It facilitates movement understanding by reaching the part of the skater that is composer, not performer. The creativity in this class uses physical movement non-functionally as personal expression and engages the mind, body and spirit.

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