Improve Your Skating Skills Among Friends

Adult Coffee Club

Improve Your Skating Skills

The Adult Coffee Club is designed for both beginning and experienced adult skaters who wish to learn or improve skating skills.  Participation in the program will help promote physical fitness and improve balance and coordination while teaching proper skating techniques.  This is an exciting program for people who look to skating as an enjoyable part of a fit and healthy lifestyle, as well as those who enjoy socializing and making new friends.

$250.00 (punch card)

Punch Card: 10 classes for $250.00 (includes 2 free public skate passes)
Drop-in: $30.00 per class

All adults are welcomed!

Basic Skating Skills, Jumps, Spins, and Edges


9:00am – 9:30am  //   Off Ice
9:45am – 10:15am  //   On Ice

About Coach Noelle

The program will be instructed by Noelle, a specialist in teaching

adult skaters. Noelle, who only began skating at the age of 28, is a

unique coach who applies her background as a gymnast and 14-year

career as a gymnastics coach to her lessons on and off the ice.

Noelle’s distinctive experience allows her to better understand the

learning process for adult skaters; and, she has dedicated the past 22

years to teaching figure skating and sharing her knowledge and love

for the sport.